kābôd yhwh is the Hebrew phrase translated as “the glory of Lord.”

The Hebrew word shekinah does not occur in the Bible, but it also refers to the glory of the Lord. The blog tagline (“Whenever Israel was exiled…”) is a quote from the Mekhilta of Rabbi Ishmael, an anthology of early rabbinic interpretations of Exodus. It speaks to the concrete presence of Yahweh with Israel in all their sin and suffering.

I’m a PhD student in one of the country’s top Old Testament programs. My goal here is to offer up brief meditations on scripture texts that have snagged my heart. Earning a doctorate in Bible provides lots of opportunity to think exploratively and critically about scripture – but not so much connectively or celebratorily. As a Christian, I need the practice – but I also hope that friends and others outside of seminary and graduate school might receive encouragement here (maybe even my church community!). Those looking for technical, academic discussion will find the blog naïve, sloppy, and pious.


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